Transformational coaching
My name is Anastasiia Petunova, I am a coach.

"Easy" comes only when you have already reached it. It's like, you know, to stand on the top of a mountain — it's easy emotionally and physically, it's almost the same as if you were down — you stand on your own two feet, breathing and looking around.

But it's "easy", because before you've been climbing, overcoming yourself, rubbing sore your elbows and knees, you scratched your fingers, withstood pressure drops and lack of oxygen.

Up until that moment many things were not easy! That same happens with the answers that are within us.

But if you manage to overcome this "not easy", standing on the top will be like getting high! And I will be next to you to pass this "not easy".

You state a topic for the session. The question you keep thinking about and which disturbs you to be. To be in a special state of mind, to be effective, to be the best version
of yourself.
Together we find out what is the real request you came with. We formulate what needs to be solved.
We formulate a request
How does coaching work?
Questions, reasons, components...
I ask open-ended questions that you answer by yourself.
We find the key components and the structure of the cause. Our dialogue that is based on collaboration and reciprocity moves us to answers.
New Answers
You don't choose among prepared options and don't find ready-made solutions.
You find answers that were previously out of your field of sight, in order to reach a new milestone.
The result of such work is extremely practical and equals the specific result in your life.

About me
Anastasiia Petunova:
executive coaching, team coaching
2020 — Professional supervisor, ICP-centre
2019 — Facilitation, Ural Facilitation Center
2019 — Work with the Shadow. Hinges. Routes. Shadow Type, Shadow Work® Leah Kinevskaya
2019 — Profi: ICF Certification Coach Preparation Program, ICP Center
2019 — Business of the year. Strategy, goals, Happiness in action, Philip Guzenuk
2018 — Mind Cosmology, Stanislav Grinberg's Coaching Center
2018 — Coaching in Leadership and Creating Effective Teams, CCE, Erickson International University
2018 — Science and Art of transformational coaching, ACSTH, Erickson University International
2011 — finance and credit, USUE (honors degree)
2005 — Law, Ural State Law Academy (honors degree)
more than 700 hours of coaching practice, including
more than 100 hours of working with teams
8 years —financial and legal analyst, head of the analytical department
11 years —civil servant
15 years —lawyer, head of the legal department
professional certified coach, PCC ICF, mentor, business coach, facilitator
Work experience:
Services and prices
For private clients
individual coach sessions, trainings, transformational games
For business
team coaching sessions, staff coaching, transformational team games, strategic sessions
For coaches
tutorship, coach for coaches, mentoring
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I constantly study and work on my professional growth.
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